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Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica features an incredibly diverse range of World-class activities throughout the Country, including whitewater rafting, sportfishing, surfing, hiking, ziplining and many more. There's truly something for everyone in Costa Rica.

But not every activity is available in every region. So what you want to do determines where you should go in Costa Rica. Too often, people first choose a hotel, and then think about what to do. In Costa Rica, first you should choose what you want to do, because that determines where you should go!

We do not list every activity available in Costa Rica because there are too many. We work with hundreds of tour providers throughout Costa Rica so we can arrange nearly anything for you.

Take a look at our activity pages or simply call us today at 1-800-477-8971 to determine which activities are right for you.

More InfoRainforest Hiking

Costa Rica has historically been known as "the backpacker's paradise" for good reason. There are many National parks, biological and private rainforest reserves to explore. Anyone can experience the natural beauty surrounding them, now more than ever with trails ranging from groomed with handicapped access to primary forest floor in remote wilderness. We recommend you have at least one guided hike to fully appreciate the complexity of the ecosystems and learn what makes them so special.
More InfoZiplining

Ziplining has exploded in Costa Rica. Traditional canopy tours allow for a more intimate experience in nature. For those wanting thrilling ecoadventure, ziplines push the limits of speed and height, some including a tram ride up the mountain. Safety is the most important factor with these tours, so choosing the right operator is critical.

More InfoWhitewater Rafting

Costa Rica offers some of the World's best whitewater rafting. Most tours require no prior experience. Families with older children have several rivers to choose from. Stretches of whitewater are often punctuated with calm stretches where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings or hop out of theraft and float alongside. What makes the rafting here unique is warm water with miles of river with sections of rapids.

More InfoJungle Cruises

Jungle cruises offer a way to see ecosystems not otherwise viewed--mangroves, tropical forest and dry tropical forest to name a few. Without the cover of dense rainforest, birds and animals are easier to see from a water vantage point. These tours are very relaxing with beautiful vistas and little physiccal effort. Some locations showcase animals not found in other areas, such as crocodiles and scarlet macaws.

More InfoBoat Cruises

There are different types of boat cruises. The most popular of which features a giant catamaran that visits a small, tropical island. This soothing adventure combines sparkling ocean waters with a warm sandy beach.

Sunset cruises are available on the ocean or Lake Arenal. These are typically shorter in length and focus on ambiance instead of activity.

More InfoAerial Tram

Aerial trams are located in several locations in Costa Rica. Typically consisting of covered, open air gondolas which move up and down a mountainside, they are well suited for those with limited mobility. For the more adventurous, some locations offer ziplining as an option for traveling back down the mountain. A guide onboard describes the levels of the rainforest canopy and there are opportunities to see monkeys and birds.

More InfoHanging Bridges

"Hanging" or suspension bridges introduce another dimension to an otherwise ground-based hike, giving a sense of adventure and exploration. Spanning over ravines or small valleys with a break in the dense forest vegetation, these hanging walkways give stunning picturesque views. There are different locations within Costa Rica (Monteverde, Arenal and the Central Pacific), each with a unique type of rainforest to see.

More InfoFishing

Costa Rica has three main types of fishing. World class deep sea sportfishing is an exhilarating experience with marlin, sailfish and large dorado to be caught. Inshore ocean fishing uses smaller boats to fish for rooster fish, Jack Crevalle, snapper and other varieties. Guapote fishing is similar to bass fishing among reeds and lakeside bushes. Tarpon and snook fishing is remote but outstanding with brackish waters and fish that are aggressive fighters.
More InfoHorseback Riding

Costa Rica maintains a charming, rustic vibe in its rural areas. With a large quantity of farm and ranchland, horses are plentiful and still used in everyday life in some communities. Horseback riding tours are readily available all over the country. We prefer to use operators who are able to provide the best care and training for their animals. The result is a positive, fun experience instead of feeling pity for the animal. Rides can be chosen to view rainforest, ranchland pasture, waterfalls and seascapes.
More InfoWaterfall Rapelling

Imagine an exhilerating descent within a warm, crystal clear waterfall. One of the more adventuresome activities, waterfall rapelling is an adrenaline rush! Safety is paramount, so the tour operator you choose is important. No prior experience is needed and training is provided.

More InfoSurfing

Costa Rica has many areas of the country known for exceptional surfing. Jaco hosted the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games! Various beaches and surf conditions can be tailored to one's ability, from the beginner needing lessons to those with hard core surf experience.

More InfoGolf

With temperate climate and lush vegetation, Costa Rica is the ideal location for several championship golf courses. Golf courses are found in more populated areas and often within luxury resorts.


More InfoKayaking

Sea Kayaking is an ideal activity for fun in the sun. Paddle along the coastline to a white sand beach for refreshments and snorkeling.

Inflatable kayaks are less strenuous, traveling down small stretches of whitewater on the Arenal river.

Traditional whitewater kayaking can be arranged for those with requisite whitewater experience.

More InfoMountain Biking

The terrain in Costa Rica is ideal for mountain biking. Single track routes through rainforest are available for the dedicated cyclist. For those wanting a more leisurely trek, secondary dirt roads are fun, granting intimate forest surroundings and open, panoramic vistas.


More InfoDiving

Good diving in Costa Rica is limited in availability and locale. With strong surges, currents and reduced visibility, it is not generally recommended for beginners. Unlike other countries, the best diving in Costa Rica is found on the Pacific coast, not the Caribbean coast.


Costa Rica Snorkeling
More InfoSnorkeling

Snorkeling in Costa Rica is best viewed as an ancillary activity. Reduced visibility and limited suitable areas allow about 1 hours worth of entertainment. With adjusted expectations, this is an enjoyable interaction with the ocean and its inhabitants.


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