Costa Rica

Attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s attractions are incredibly diverse, including active volcanoes, lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, fantastic hot springs, waterfalls, amazing wildlife, coffee plantations and much more.  Few places on Earth can match Costa Rica’s variety and quality of World-class attractions in such a small and easily accessible area.

More InfoVolcanoes

Costa Rica has 7 geologically active volcanoes, including Arenal Volcano which has been constantly erupting lava since 1968.  Poas Volcano has one of the World’s largest craters and an elfin forest.  Irazu Volcano is 11,000 feet above sea level.  Make sure to visit one or more of Costa Rica’s spectacular volcanoes.


More InfoRainforest

Because of its variety of elevations and micro-climates, Costa Rica is home to 5 different types of rainforest, including lush tropical rainforests near sea level and beautiful cloud forests high in the mountains.  Costa Rica’s rainforests are some of the finest in the World.

More InfoThermal Hot Springs

Several large hot springs are found throughout Costa Rica, but most are in the Arenal Volcano region.  Tabacon, The Springs, Eco-termales and Baldi Hot Springs are some of our favorites, but there are other small and interesting hot springs in other regions also.

More InfoLa Paz Waterfall Gardens

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is one of the most spectacular attractions in Costa Rica.  It is about 1 hour North of the San Jose airport in a Cloud Forest on the slope of Poas Volcano.  5 waterfalls, an aviary, butterfly observatory, hummingbird garden, frogs, snakes and orchids make this one of our top choices in Costa Rica.

More InfoCoffee Tours

Costa Rican coffee is some of the best in the World.  Several coffee plantations offer tours of their facilities, but the best are just outside San Jose.  Doka and Café Britt offer daily guided tours with free samples thereafter. 


More InfoCultural Attractions

Costa Rica is better known for its natural attractions, but the Gold Museum, Jade Museum and some impressive churches are available. Perhaps the best cultural attraction is the food.  While not spicy, Costa Rican cuisine is wholesome and well-prepared.


More InfoSpas

Costa Rica features several World-Class spas and yoga centers, including the World-famous Tabacon Hot Springs with its spectacular hot springs and gardens.  Excellent spas are found in Arenal, the North Pacific, Central Pacific and San Jose/Central Valley regions.

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