Costa Rica

Carara Rainforest Hike

Carara National Park is one of Costa Rica's most biologically-diverse National Parks. It is home to an enormous variety of plants, birds and animals, including about 300 Scarlet Macaws.

Carara is located on the Central Pacific Coast, about 30 minutes North of Jaco. It is in a transitional zone rainforest area: Between the dry North Pacific Coast and the very wet South Pacific Coast. Thus, Carara features plant and animal species from both areas. Carara is home to a tremendous abundance of wildlife.

Thousands of species of trees, heliconias, tilandsia, orchids, insects, mammals and birds live in Carara. Some of these species are native only to the Central Pacific Coast region.

A professional guide will lead you through this spectacular primary rainforest reserve on a non-strenuous 1.5 - 2 hour guided hike.  We regularly see white-faced (Capuchin) monkeys, Howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, sloths and hundreds of different plant and animal species.

The trails in Carara are accessible by almost everyone and are not strenuous. They are generally in good condition and not steep.

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