Costa Rica

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica grows some of the best coffee in the World.  You’ll see many coffee plantations as you drive around Costa Rica or you can visit a coffee plantation to see how coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed.   Coffee grows in the mountainsides from about 2,000 – 4,000 feet above sea level.  Organic and non-organic methods are widely used in Costa Rica and most tours describe both methods.  The best coffee plantation tours are in the Central Valley region, near San Jose.


Located about 35 minutes North of the San Jose International Airport, Doka offers daily tours of their large plantation.  This beautiful property features great views of the Central Valley and one of the oldest wet mills in Costa Rica.  After the tour, you’ll enjoy some fresh coffee and snacks. Doka has added supplemental tours of their butterfly and bonsai exhibits.

Café Britt

In the hills above San Jose, Café Britt features tours of their large property and processing center.  This funny and educational tour features live actors and skits about the history of coffee throughout the World. They also have a specialized, intensive tour for hardcore coffee lovers.


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