Costa Rica


  • Can be faster
  • Scenic views
  • Is the only option to some destinations


  • Expensive
  • Luggage weight restrictions
  • Motion sickness
  • You’re stuck at your hotel

Domestic Flights

We can arrange flights on small aircraft to many parts of Costa Rica.  These flights are generally safe and punctual.  Certain parts of Costa Rica do not have roads and are only accessible by air.  Other parts have road access but are better accessed by air.  Most flights begin and end in San Jose.

Two airlines fly within Costa Rica: Sansa and Nature Air. Both airlines have long track records for safety and reliability.  Both airlines are based in San Jose.  Some smaller aircraft (and helicopters) are available on a charter basis.

Flying can be faster than going by road, but it still takes time.  You must be at the airport 1.5 hours prior to departure time.  So depending on where you are flying to, it may be just as fast to drive.

Flying is expensive and both airlines severely restrict the amount of luggage you can take.  Finally, once you arrive at your destination, you are still stuck at your hotel unless you pay even more to rent a car in that area.

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