Costa Rica


  • Limited number of visitors
  • Exclusive entry
  • Quiet and intimate
  • Good value
  • Local atmosphere


  • Pre-booking required
  • Fewer, concentrated pools
  • Bathrooms located near entry

Ecotermales Springs

Ecotermales is a smaller, more intimate hot springs with a rustic feel and emphasis on nature. Locally owned, it imparts a traditional Costa Rican ambiance. The entrance area consists of an entry booth where towels are dispersed, bathrooms and dining area. A short trail through rainforest brings you from the entrance to thermal springs with clear water. All of the pools are concentrated in one location with only a handful of pools to choose from. Several large connected sections are flanked by small adjacent pools of varying temperatures. Great for families, its compact design makes it easy to keep track of children.

The dining area is open on the sides with primitive wooden furniture. Lunch or dinner buffet is typical Costa Rican cuisine served family style. As a result, there is a casual feeling - as if on a picnic.

This is a quiet, peaceful setting within the rainforest. In keeping with the philosophy of the owner, there are no water slides, booming music or gimmicks. In addition, no trees have been felled to provide views of the volcano. Ecotermales restricts the number of guests per day and reservations can only be made via travel agents or participating hotels.

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