Costa Rica

Getting Around Costa Rica

How you get around Costa Rica is one of the biggest issues of your vacation.  Fortunately, getting around Costa Rica is easier than ever.  We can arrange any type of transportation for any size group or party.  We have strong relationships with Costa Rica's best transportation companies and car rental agencies.  We make getting around Costa Rica easy.

Costa Rica has curvy, mountain roads.  Most roads are paved and in reasonable condition but are two lanes with many hazards.  Road signage and safety have improved dramatically in the last few years, but most roads are not well lit so driving at night is more difficult. Some roads are in very poor condition.

It takes a long time to get from one point to another because you can't go fast.  So the best way to experience Costa Rica is to move around a little: 2 nights here, 3 nights there, etc.  The worst thing to do is to stay in one hotel and do "day trips" because you'll spend all your time on the road.

You have 3 options: renting a car, private transfers or domestic flights.  Public transportation is not a viable option.  Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Call us today to determine the best transportation option for you. 

More InfoRenting A Car

Renting a car is cheaper and provides the most flexibility: You can go where you want to when you want to.  But navigating around Costa Rica can be difficult.  We're the only company that provides written driving directions and a map so you won't get lost.  The type of car you rent depends on several factors, including how many people you have and where you're going.

More InfoPrivate Transfers

Private transfers offer the convenience of someone else driving.  But they are more expensive and provide much less flexibility.  We can arrange for a private driver and guide who stays with you the entire time.  This provides maximum flexibility and convenience, but is very expensive. We can also book shuttle services which are less expensive but less convenient.

More InfoDomestic Flights

Domestic flights are generally fast, safe and punctual.  Some areas are not accessible by road and thus require a flight.  But flying is very expensive and limited. There are two major domestic airlines in Costa Rica: Sansa which flies out of the domestic terminal of the San Jose airport and Nature Air which has its hub at the Tobias Bolanos airport. Costa Rican domestic flights have luggage weight limits and small aircraft which often land on airstrips.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available in Costa Rica; however, it is extremely time consuming. With vacation time as your most precious asset, spend it hiking through the rainforest instead of sitting on a bus for hours.

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