Costa Rica

Tarcoles Jungle River Cruise

Famous for its large American Crocodiles, the Tarcoles River forms the Northern border of Carara National Park on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The Tarcoles is full of Crocodiles, Scarlet Macaws, Jesus Christ Lizards, and over 120 species of birds. But everyone comes to see the huge crocodiles – so big they have names like “Saddam Hussein” and “Mike Tyson!”

Board a custom-built, flat-bottom river boat and glide along this placid river with a naturalist guide, who describes the birds, animals, and habitat in great detail. After visiting the river mouth, venture up a mature mangrove estuary, stopping to learn about this remarkable ecosystem. You’ll then slowly return upstream to a native botanic garden, where your guide explains more about the native plant species of this transitional zone habitat. This half-day, educational tour is designed for you to experience, photograph and learn about the native wildlife.

The river is right below a major Scarlet Macaw flight path. Every afternoon, dozens of Macaws fly back to their nests in the evening right overhead! You will never forget this truly spectacular sight.

Combine this tour with a guided hike in Carara National Park for a great half-day tour.

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