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Monteverde, famous for its Cloud Forest Reserves, Canopy Tours, dairy farms and Quaker settlers, is beautiful, interesting and bucolic.  Hike in the Cloudforest or experience the rainforest canopy from Ziplines, suspension bridges or a rainforest tram.  Visit a working cheese factory or coffee plantation and then enjoy the sunset from your hotel.  Several hotels in Monteverde provide a variety of options.  But for all its advantages, all of Monteverde’s roads are absolutely atrocious.  Getting to Monteverde takes several hours from anywhere else on bone-jarring, horrible roads!  You must have a 4x4 to visit Monteverde.



  • Cloud Forest
  • Natural beauty
  • Wildlife


  • Isolated
  • Horrible roads
  • Travel time


Cloud Forest Reserves

Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves feature a wide variety of plant and animal species, some of which are native only to Monteverde.  These reserves are about 5,000 feet above sea level with cool mists and clouds rolling in and out throughout the day and night. 



Selvatura Park features an aerial tram, ziplines and suspension bridges in the cloud forest trees.  This educational private park provides something for everyone, even for an entire day.




While you can hike in the rainforest by yourself, we highly recommend being with a guide.  Guides know what to look for, where and when.  So being with a guide provides a far better experience because you will learn something rather than just take a walk in the forest.  Daytime and nighttime guided hikes are available in Monteverde.


Several Canopy Tours operate in Monteverde, including The Original Canopy Tour, which has you climb up the inside of a strangler fig tree.  Ziplining is fun, exhilarating and provides a totally different perspective of the rainforest.  Some are higher, faster and longer.  Others are more quiet and intimate.


Horseback Riding

Monteverde offers several horseback riding tours, with various levels of difficulty and duration.  This is an excellent area for horseback riding because it’s quiet, cooler and beautiful.

More InfoHotel El Establo DollarSignDollarSignDollarSign

El Establo is the largest and most expensive resort in Monteverde with conference rooms and many amenities to choose from.

More InfoHotel Fonda Vela DollarSignDollarSign

Fonda Vela is a cozy hotel with spacious rooms and great views. A covered pool, a jacuzzi set within gardens and two restaurants contribute to a comfortable stay.


More InfoHotel Belmar DollarSignDollarSign

Hotel Belmar features two chalet style buildings with some recently remodeled rooms. With fewer amenities, this hotel focuses on the surrounding beauty with Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve only minutes away.

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