Costa Rica

Peace Lodge

This is truly incredible and the most romantic place we have found in Costa Rica! The rooms have balconies overlooking a primary rainforest valley and La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Staying at Peace Lodge affords you the opportunity to wander the gardens when they are closed to the general public. With architecture and decor that is uniquely Costa Rican, Peace Lodge pioneered this style of rustic luxury which cannot be found anywhere else!


  • Extremely charming and romantic
  • Unique rooms
  • Great breakfast included
  • Panoramic views
  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Impeccable service


  • Out of town
  • More expensive
  • Most tour companies will not pick you up there
Standard Room

This 650 square foot room has a king size bed viewing a romantic fireplace. The bathroom features a waterfall shower and oversized tub. Lounge on the balcony in the hammock or jacuzzi tub as you enjoy the views of the rainforest valley.

Deluxe Room

800 Square foot room which also has a king size bed and fireplace. However, the garden bathroom boasts a seven foot waterfall, skylight, beautiful indoor landscaping, waterfall shower and jacuzzi tub. Enjoy starlight viewing in the hammock or jacuzzi tub.

Monarch Villa

The Monarch villa has a master suite and loft with queen bed and separate bathroom. The master suite can be closed off for privacy. The loft overlooks the large living room and dining area. The master bath has a custom jetted tub with fireplace directly above it and a separate shower with two waterfalls in it - one to sit under and one to stand under. The villa can accomodate 4 people.

Restaurants and Bars

La Paz has four restaurants and two bars. Breakfasts are served in your room or on a patio with a view of Poas volcano. Lunch is served buffet style in the Colibries restaurant or a la carte in the Big Trout bar. In the afternoon, tapas and fruit drinks are served next to the trout ponds. Dinner is served in Vista Poas, an intimate dining room or in the Las Tucas lounge.

Hot Tub Area

Peace Lodge has jacuzzi tubs on the balconies of the rooms. These offer convenience and privacy. However, if you want to lounge and relax in larger pools of warm water, you can sit and soak in the hot tub area. It is especially enchanting at night.


Trout Ponds

The trout ponds are a relaxing lounge area with light fare served poolside. A hot tub is located near the pond. Special requests can be made for fresh trout served on site. There is also a window walkway where you can get an underwater view of the fish.



La Paz River flows through this Cloud Forest-covered valley creating 5 spectacular waterfalls. Walk along the river and waterfalls on a spectacular, but sometimes steep trail with handrails and stairs. At one point, the trail goes right next to a waterfall where you can reach out and touch the water itself.


Butterfly Pavilion

Watch hundreds of butterflies in one of the World’s largest observatories and learn about butterfly’s life cycle. See them actually emerge from their cocoons and feed on native flowers and fruits. Walk along a short trail to see the famous Blue Morpho and many other butterfly species.


See Scarlet Macaws, Parrots, toucans and dozens of other bird species in the large aviary at La Paz. Walk on the trail and watch Costa Rica ’s spectacular birds up close.  You may even be able to feed a friendly toucan!

Hummingbird Garden

Hundreds of hummingbirds, large and small, fly right by your head on their way to several feeding stations in this outdoor garden.  See one of the largest hummingbird species in the World with its nearly fluorescent purple feathers.  You may spend an hour just in this small garden.  It’s fascinating.

Native Cat and Monkey Exhibits

La Paz is a rescue and rehabilitation center for monkeys and native cats including jaguars and ocelots.  See these beautiful, powerful cats up-close in a beautiful and caring center.  After rehabilitation, they are released back into their native habitat throughout Costa Rica .


Frog Exhibit

You’ll be amazed at the variety of frogs in this unique frog exhibit at La Paz.  Dozens of species of frogs thrive in this small but amazing frog exhibit.  Try to find poison arrow dart frogs, green tree frogs and other tiny camouflaged frogs under leaves and flowers.



Costa Rica is home to hundreds of snake species, some extremely poisonous, some not. La Paz features an excellent variety of snakes with descriptions and demonstrations in their fascinating serpentarium. You can safely see Fer-de-Lance, Bushmaster, Boa Constrictors and Eyelash Pit Vipers.



This small house is a replica of how Costa Ricans lived decades ago, with demonstrations of cheese-making, sugar milling, coffee growing and even an ox-cart.  Enjoy a sample of coffee, candy and cheese on your way through La Paz .


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