Costa Rica
Costa Rica Snorkeling


Snorkeling is available on the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts.  Costa Rican waters feature big fish and big schools of fish.  But poor visibility and a lack of coral make snorkeling in Costa Rica mediocre at best.  Snorkeling tends to be better December - May.  The best snorkeling in Costa Rica is at Caño Island on the South Pacific Coast thanks to prolific marine life and better visibility.  But Caño Island is difficult to access and the snorkeling can be challenging.

Snorkeling at Cano Island
Caño Island

Caño Island on the South Pacific Coast provides the best snorkeling in Costa Rica.  About 20 miles offshore from Drake Bay, Caño Island features big fish, big schools of fish and some coral.  But moderate visibility and strong currents make snorkeling here somewhat difficult.

Snorkeling on the North Pacific coast
North Pacific Coast

Snorkeling on the North Pacific Coast features a lots of fish but hardly any coral.  Most snorkeling here is from a boat, not from the beach.  While more accessible than Caño Island, snorkeling here is fair to moderate at best.


Central Pacific Snorkeling
Central Pacific

Tortuga Island and Playa Blanca on the Central Pacific Coast provide moderate snorkeling in relatively calm and safe waters.  But a lack of coral and poor visibility make snorkeling here problematic.


Caribbean Snorkeling

A small coral reef off Cahuita on the South Caribbean Coast was heavily damaged by pollution and runoff from nearby banana and pineapple plantations.  But some snorkeling and diving is still possible here.