Costa Rica


  • Someone else does the driving
  • Full-time Guided transfers provide great flexibility
  • Shuttle Services can be less expensive


  • More expensive
  • Less flexibility
  • Less convenient
  • May be more time-consuming

Private Transfers

We can arrange any type of private transfers for you throughout Costa Rica.  We only use professional, reliable companies we know and trust.  Different sizes and types of vehicles are available depending on how many people in your party.  Three types of transfers are available: Point-to-point, Full-time Guided, and Shuttle Services.


We arrange for a driver to take you from one point to another and drop you off. This service is private for you only: No other passengers will be with you in the vehicle. But the driver will not stay with you - he will drop you off. This allows you to be on your own schedule but is more expensive than shuttle services. But you're stuck at your hotel. There are very few taxis in most areas.

Full-time Guided

We arrange for a driver/guide to stay with you the entire time. This provides you with maximum convenience and flexibility, but is by far the most expensive because you must pay his Room and Board.

Shuttle Services

We arrange for you to travel on regularly-scheduled shuttles that go from one region to another. This may be less expensive, depending on how many people you have. But these services pick up and drop off only at selected hotels, so you must get to and from that hotel. Also, you're stuck at your hotel.

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