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Ziplining tours have increased in popularity and number worldwide. Costa Rica adds an educational element to this eco-adventurous mainstay by virtue of the rainforest canopy. See and experience the rainforest treetops in a unique, immersive way. Traverse from platform to platform on overhead cables suspended in rock-climbing harnesses.

Ziplining tours are great adventure and are available to almost everyone. No special experience is needed, and it is not rigorous. If you have overwhelming fear of heights, then do not do this. Even those with a moderate fear of heights enjoy it immensely.

The Original Canopy Tour was the first company to introduce these tours to Costa Rica. Since then, many iterations have cropped up. Two different types of ziplining are available in Costa Rica : Aerial Trams with ziplining and Canopy Tours.  Aerial Trams offer higher, faster and longer ziplines but are more expensive.  Canopy Tours are more intimate and diverse: some combine a short rainforest hike, some glide over a river, others over a valley; some focus on high adventure, others on interacting with nature.

There are various types of hardware and equipment for these tours; from simple gloves to pulley type wheels with handles. Some tours have a double cable system, others do not. Some train their tour guides very well in all aspects, others do not.

Safety is by far the most important factor when ziplining.  Dozens of Canopy Tours operate throughout Costa Rica .  We only offer those with excellent safety records.  We want you to have fun, but safely.  Let us help you to choose the best zipline tour for your vacation.

Arenal tram/Canopy

Enjoy a tram ride up a mountain and then zipline (or ride the tram) back down. At the top is a large platform affording panoramic views of Lake Arenal and the surrounding area. The ziplines traverse back and forth across a valley with long cable spans, high above the forest floor. The last traverse is nearly half a mile long! This tour is pure eco-adventure with its fast, high ziplines, but more expensive than others in the area.

More InfoArenal Canopy Tour

This smaller, more intimate tour combines great ziplines with excellent naturalist guides in a quiet rainforest. One memorable traverse spans diagonally over a river. At the end, you can get crazy and traverse upside down. End your tour with a pleasant tractor wagon ride back to the resort. It is one of our favorites!

Central Pacific Tram/Canopy

Ride a quiet aerial tram with professional guides explaining the rainforest up a mountain, then zip line (or take the tram) back down. The zip lines are higher, faster and longer than most. It’s an exhilarating ride! At the bottom, enjoy a guided walk through the rainforest and herbal medicine garden. While more expensive than others, this tour features excellent naturalist guides and great ziplines.

Monteverde Canopy Tour

The Monteverde location is unique for several reasons. Because it is located in the cloudforest, see plants and animals not found in other areas of Costa Rica like tilandsia and Quetzals. Climb a ladder up the inside of a Strangler Fig tree! Most canopy tours only feature ziplining - this location includes rappelling! There are a large number of platforms on this tour, giving you the most for your money. This tour combines excellent guides with great ziplines and rapelling. Its location makes it difficult to access requiring a minimum 2 night stay.

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